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How it works

Create your profile

Sign up to reserve your personal profile. Then add your photo, a custom background, your bio and even your social links. Use your profile as your personal landing page.

Share your profile

You'll get your own personal QR code that will send visitors to your profile. If you have a compatible mobile device you can even bump devices to swap profiles, or store your profile on NFC devices. You can share your accomplishments automatically on your favorite social networks.

Join Apps

Join RedCritter enabled Apps to earn badges, certs, skills and even virtual currency. We're new so be on the watch for RedCritter Apps. If you or your company would like to run your own RedCritter Apps visit RedCritter Connecter.

Earn rewards

Some Apps let you earn virtual currency. You can spend it in the Rewards Store. If you want to run your own Rewards Store for your company or community visit RedCritter Connecter.

Show off your accomplishments

Build up your profile and reputation by joining Apps and earning badges, certs, skills and rewards. You can automatically broadcast your accomplishments to your LinkedIn, Yammer, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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